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Solar Power Systems

Go Green and Save Money

Help the environment and eliminate your power bill with a solar power system installed by HRS Solar Solutions

How Does it Work?

Solar panels installed on your roof, or on the ground, generate electricity throughout the year, providing power to your home as you need it. Extra power is sent back into NS Power system. When the solar panels do not meet your needs, NS Power electricity flows back to your home.

A solar ‘net metering’ agreement with Nova Scotia Power (see Note 1 below) will guarantee that you always get paid the current consumer rate for your solar generated electricity. Over the year, you will likely generate enough power to meet your own needs – so no net power bill for you. If you generate more power than you use, NS Power pays you at the current rate! (Neat, eh?)

As the years pass and electricity rates increase, the value of the solar power you send back to NS Power also increases. And you benefit from even greater cost savings on your electrical bill.

HRS Solar Solutions Roof Mount Solar Panels
HRS Solar Solutions Roof Mount Solar Panels

Solar Energy Potential on the South Shore

In Nova Scotia, we enjoy an average of 1,090 hours of sunshine each year. Enough sunshine that most home owners can expect a roof mounted solar system will meet their electricity energy needs.

Efficiency Nova Scotia SolarHomes Program

The Province of Nova Scotia is offering significant rebates via Efficiency Nova Scotia SolarHomes Program (see Note 2 below) towards the installation of qualifying solar power systems. With the government rebate, your upfront investment is significantly reduced, and your rate of return much higher.

NOW is a great time to consider a solar power system.

Benefits of Solar Power System

  • eliminates your power bill, for years to come
  • increases the value of your property, even more than the upfront cost of your solar system
  • makes your home easier to sell (and get a mortgage)
  • lasting investment in your property that generates high returns
  • contribute towards reducing the need to burn coal (or oil) to generate electricity
  • sense of pride in doing your part towards addressing climate change

How to Get Started with Solar Power

Contact us and we will visit your home/business to give you an estimate of the cost to install a solar system, and the money you can expect to save on your power bill.

Call Sherri Elliott, cell 902.350.6226 or by email OR use our contact form.

Why Choose HRS Solar Solutions for your Solar Power Project?

HRS Solar Solutions have completed a number of solar installations on the South Shore. Unlike solar companies from outside Nova Scotia, we are based in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and available for local support during and after the installation.

We will help complete and submit the applications to Efficiency NS SolarHomes rebate program and NS Power agreement.

We are an approved Efficiency NS Solar System installer. 

In addition, we also hold the following certifications:

  • NSCS COR Certified
  • Bond Insurance
  • WCB Certified
HRS Solar Solutions Team
HRS Solar Solutions Team


  1. NS Power Net Metering Explained
  2. Efficiency Nova Scotia Solar Rebate program
HRS Solar Solutions Ground Mount Solar Panels
HRS Solar Solutions Ground Mount Solar Panels

Don't Wait - Find out how a Solar Power System can save you Money!

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