Unloading/Loading Wind Turbines and Components

Client:  Quebec Stevedoring Ltd.

General Contractor:  Quebec Stevedoring Ltd.

Sub-Contractor: HRS Industrial Contracting


Quebec Stevedoring Ltd. (QSL) is at the forefront of engineering handling methods for wind turbines and components such as blades, hubs, nacelles and towers.

Throughout the next few months HRS Industrial will be working with QSL, among other companies, to assist with the rigging, burning, offloading and loading of wind turbines and their components as part of the South Canoe Wind Farm power project in New Ross, Nova Scotia. We are very excited to be part of this project and look forward to what is to come in the future!

Manufacturing Equipment – Dis-assembly and Packing for Shipping

Client:  Avondale Construction

Site:  ECI Medical Technologies Inc., Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

General Contractor:  Avondale Construction

Sub-Contractor: HRS Industrial Contracting


The ECI Medical Technologies Inc., located in the Bridgewater Business Park, closed down in 2008.  The factory produced non-latex surgical gloves.  In the fall of 2013, HRS Industrial Contracting was hired to disassemble the manufacturing equipment, package it, and load into containers ready for shipping to a new site in Malaysia.

For this 6 week project, HRS worked with Avondale Construction to handle the mechanical aspects of the project. We disassembled and crated chain-driven conveyors, hydraulic systems, pumps and, large dip and storage tanks.

The biggest challenge on this project (besides the tight schedule), was preparing 3 large tanks for shipping.  To remove them from the building, we constructed steel tracks to roll the tanks out through a hole in the building wall.

Another “delicate” job, was individually packaging 8,000 porcelain molds to prevent breakage during transport.

During the hectic 6 weeks on the job, we achieved our goals: safely managing our 14 employees, co-ordinating with the other contractors on the work site, and finishing on time, and in budget.

Projects at Renova Scotia Bioenergy Inc Site: Brooklyn, Nova Scotia

(the former) Resolute Forest Products Mill Pulp and Paper Mill

Background: In June 2012, the pulp and paper mill, Resolute Forest Products in Brooklyn, ceased operations.  The mill, previously known as Bowater Mersey, had been in operation for over 80 years. The Nova Scotia Government reached an agreement with Resolute to take over the mill site and assets.  The Crown corporation, Nova Scotia Lands, manages the site on behalf of Renova Scotia Bioenergy Inc.

Under provincial management, the former pulp and paper mill site is being transformed into a bioresource research, development and demonstration site.  The site will be made available to tenants who want to develop bioresource technologies that utilize wood fibre. The transformation process includes demolition of some older buildings; and removal of paper-making equipment not needed for the bioresource demonstration centre. Other assets, such as the thermomechanical (TMP) lines, chip handling system, storage tanks, wharf, and warehouse will be retained. Steam is supplied via Brooklyn Energy (owned by Emera), a nearby 30-megawatt biomass-fuelled cogeneration plant.

Innovacorp, a provincial crown agency (an “early-stage venture capital organization”) is promoting the site as Innovacorp Demonstration Centre

HRS Industrial has been working at this site since  2012 completing a range of projects for Resolute Forest Products, Nova Scotia Lands, and Ashland Canada.  Descriptions of completed and ongoing projects listed below:

Chemical and Chemical Systems Equipment Removal

Client:  Ashland Canada Corporation

Lead Contractor: HRS Industrial Contracting


Ashland Canada was the supplier of chemicals used in the pulp and paper making process, and owner of the chemical systems equipment on the site. Ashland hired HRS in the fall of 2012 to remove its equipment and remaining chemicals and prepare it for shipping. The equipment included chemical coat containments, pumps, pump skids, and metering equipment.

Work involving the handling of hazardous materials (like these chemicals) requires special considerations and precautions.  At HRS, our staff receive extensive safety training, and were well-equipped for this job.

When dismantling the chemical equipment systems, we took a safety-first approach: every aspect of the work carefully planned, and all precautions taken. We are pleased to say, our millwright and rigging trades people were able to safely complete the work without incident.

Removal of 2 Paper Making Machine “Head Boxes”

Client: Resolute Forest Products

General Contractor:  Black and McDonald

Sub Contractor: HRS Industrial


Resolute Forest Products contracted Black and McDonald to disassemble part of the paper making machines ( two “head boxes”) and ready the units for shipping to another Resolute Mill. The “head box” is an approximately 30 tonne unit located at the start of the paper making line.

HRS assisted Black and McDonald by providing a crane operator and welder fabricators. The welders fabricated special steel frames (under direction of an engineer from Metzo) that were used to support the head boxes during transit. Our crane operator was responsible for maneuvering the two head boxes from their position on the paper machine to a rail system which was used to move them outside to a flatbed.

Demolition Preparation : Buildings and Equipment

Client: Nova Scotia Lands

General Contractor: HRS Industrial Contracting


Starting in January 2013, HRS began the work to isolate buildings slated for demolition. This process included disconnecting these buildings from the mill site inter-connected systems. For example,  removal and relocation of electrical systems, sanitary sewers, water lines, steam lines, fire suppression and alarm systems, etc.

Employees on site include: millwrights, pipe fitters, electricians, heavy equipment operators, and mechanics for mobile equipment, heavy-duty truck and transport vehicles.

Demolition of Buildings and Removal of Equipment at Former Paper Mill Site

  • Preparing for removal of roll grinder from Bowater mill site.
    Preparing for removal of roll grinder from Bowater mill site.

  • HRS crew preparing former paper mill building for demolition
    HRS crew preparing former paper mill building for demolition.

  • Using a lift, worker with torch cuts steel beams.
    Up on a lift, worker with torch cuts steel beams.

  • Prior to demolition, the crew work to separate walls.
    Prior to demolition, the crew work to separate walls.

Building and Mill Equipment Maintenance

Client: Nova Scotia Lands

General Contractor: HRS Industrial Contracting


Concurrent to the demolition preparation work (noted above), HRS is responsible for supplying general and industrial maintenance services for all the equipment, buildings, and heavy equipment on site.

Asbestos and Lead Removal Project

Contractor: HRS Industrial

Sub-Contractor: Asbestos Abatement Ltd.


The former pulp and paper site, like many older industrial sites, had used asbestos based insulation and lead based paints. Before any demolition preparation work began, asbestos and lead materials had to be removed in a safe manner following the latest industry guidelines for removal of such products.

HRS managed the project, hiring Asbestos Abatement Ltd to safely remove the identified hazardous materials from the site.

Load Testing Crane Capacity;  Refiner Motor Dis-assembly

Client:  Resolute Forest Products

General Contractor: Resolute Forest Products

Sub-Contractors: General Electric, HRS Industrial. HRS sub-contracted Hercules SLR Inc to supply the crane.

Part of the equipment to be removed included: six refiner electrical motors, each with 22,000 horsepower, and weighing in at just under 40 tonnes each.  HRS participated in load testing the crane in readiness for moving the refiner motors.

HRS assisted Hercules SLR, using 42 tonne water bags, to conduct a series of test procedures to ensure the crane could safely lift and move the refiner motors to a waiting truck.

HRS electricians, millwrights, riggers, and crane operators assisted General Electric (GE) in the process of disconnecting the refiner motors from the TMP lines.

We are pleased to report the project was completed on budget, and ahead of schedule.

Re-Plumb Heating Steam from Brooklyn Energy into Renova Bioresource Site

General Contractor: Western Plumbing and Heating

Sub-Contractor: HRS Industrial


Steam from the Brooklyn Energy co-generation plant is piped across the road into the Renova bioresource site. As part of the refurbishing of the Bioresource site, existing overhead steam lines needed to be re-located, and re-installed.

HRS crane operator was responsible for lifting the steam pipes in position 20 to 30 feet above the ground, so Western Plumbing and Heating employees could complete their welding work.

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